Maya & Arnold – 2 Project Setup

Select File > Project Window.


The Project Window lets you create new Maya projects, set the location of project files, and change the names and locations of existing projects.

New – Click New to create a new project.

Current Project – Displays the project name.

Location – Displays the location of a the current project. When you create a new project, click the browse icon to navigate to the location you want to use for your project files.


A set of folders will be created at your desired location. Use the folder

  • scenes – for your Maya scene files
  • sourceimages – for your Textures
  • movies – for your Playblasts
  • images – for your rendered images.

Select File > Save Scene As to save your Maya scene file to the “scenes” folder within your project. It is recommended to save different states of your project at least once a day. You can manually add a prefix, for instance “20160225_My_Project.mb” or just use File > Increment & Save. Maya then automatically adds a consecutively numbered suffix, for instance “My_Project.0001.mb”. Now your folder structure on your hard drive should look like this:


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