Shaders & Texturing

Maya & Arnold – 3 Three-Point Lighting

In the last chapter we have set up an environment light – which is great for outdoor scenes or quickly illuminating an object. Three-Point Lighting consists of the Key Light, Fill Light, and Back Light. It refers to situations in reality where several light sources illuminate objects – typically by night, indoors or in situations… read more »

Maya & Arnold – 2 Skydome Lighting and Background

Every render engine has its own set of lights and materials therefore it is important to pick lights for rendering with Arnold always from the Arnold menu. Add > Arnold > Lights > Skydome Light. At the Color attribute of the aiSkyDomeLightShape click on the Texture checkerboard icon and in the Create Render Node popup… read more »

Maya & Arnold – 1 Setup

Arnold will be automatically installed with Maya 2017, by default version MtoA 1.3.0 (Maya to Arnold), but it’s still possible to manually install newer versions of MtoA. The most recent versions can be downloaded here. To activate it in Maya go to > Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plugin Manager and tick both mtoa.mll boxes, refresh,… read more »

Maya & Arnold 2017

With this multi part tutorial you can learn how to properly set up a Maya project with image based and 3-point lighting, how to create texture shaders, how to work with Cameras and render single different passes (AOVs) for compositing. 1 Setting up a Project in Maya 2 Setting Up Skydome Lighting and Background 3… read more »

Advanced Maya Viewport 2.0 Setup

In this tutorial you can learn how to set up 3-point lighting, some shading basics, and how to tweak Viewport 2.0 – Maya’s built in realtime renderer. Along the way you will find some useful tips how to set up a project and organize objects in the Outliner. I used the free plant model “Dandelion”… read more »