Motion Graphics

Create a Simple Demo Reel from Stills

Go to AE > Composition > New Composition, use the Preset HDTV 1080 24 You can switch the timecode unit between seconds and frames by ctrl (WIN) or cmd (MAC) – clicking on the timecode At > After Effects CC > Preferences > Import you can change the default length of the Still Footage before… read more »

Create a Simple Terrain and Distribute Objects with MASH

Since Maya 2016 Extension 2 the MASH plugin is included, which is an excellent tool for all kinds of motion graphics tasks. In this short tutorial we will use it for the controlled distribution of different objects across a hilly ground. In Maya > Settings / Preferences > Plug-in Manager make sure that the MASH.mll… read more »


Retopologized Scans [row] [col-lg-6] Download Pear Model on Sketchfab [/col-lg-6] [col-lg-6] Download Apple Model on Sketchfab [/col-lg-6] [/row] Spaghetti Simulator Based on the worm simulation by Matt Estela. Digital asset with commented Cinema 4D file here. Note: Houdini “.otl” and “.hda” are digital assets and can be loaded in Maya, Cinema 4D, UE, Unity with… read more »

Soft / Rigid Body Simulation Including Keyframe Animated Objects in Maya

In this tutorial you can learn how to simulate interactions between soft and rigid objects and how to include keyframe animated elements in the simulation. We will use the Bullet engine which is in most cases faster than Maya’s nDynamics engine. It ships with the Maya 2017 installation. To activate Bullet, go to > Windows… read more »