Maya & Arnold – 5 Sequence Rendering

From the IPR window you can directly save single frames. In the Render View Window go to > Save Image … > Options


In the Options popup you need to adapt the Save Mode according to your intended file format. Choose “Save RAW Image” when you want to output .exr or other formats with 32 bit color mode for further processing or compositing with applications like Nuke or After Effects. In most cases you will save a regular 8 bit color jpeg, tiff or png and for these formats you choose “Save Color-Managed Image”, hit Apply and Close” – this is important, otherwise the output will be too dark.


When you select > Save Image … (without Options) you can select your desired File type and save it to the images folder.


For rendering animations first of all make sure you have selected the proper frame rate at > Windows > Settings / Preferences > Preferences > Settings. If you don’t have other requirements you can leave the default 24 fps, it works on most devices.


Go to the Render Settings with the little icon from the shelf. At the Common tab switch to any of the options with the # variable to enable sequence rendering. With File name prefix you can specify a custom output name. Choose your desired Image format and leave the default Gamma at 2.2 for regular 8-Bit jpeg, tiff or png file formats, that’s the equivalent to the option “Save Color-Managed Image” described earlier for single frames. Adjust Frame Range and Image Size according to your requirements.


Switch to the Rendering Menu Set at the top left of the UI.


In the now appearing Render Menu select > Render Sequence (new since Maya 2017). The Render View opens and renders frame by frame to “images” in your project folder.


If you want to stop rendering just close the Render View window.