Maya Export to Sketchfab

The easiest way to publish a 3D model from Maya to Sketchfab is to download and install the Sketchfab plugin for Maya. The script uses the included FBX exporter in Maya and sets the correct setting for you so your model is exported with included textures to

The process is:

  • Register for a free acount at – see video
  • Prepare your model for export with textures (use temporary textures if you are not there in the process yet).
  • Get the API token/Key from your profile at – see video
  • Use the Maya-to-Sketchfab plug-in script to export and send your model directly to your profile on – remember to set the correct setting before doing so – see video
  • If you have done as listed above, your model should now be on
  • Use “Annotations” (a feature in Sketchfab) to leave comments and questions about your model.
Note: Videos are in Norwegian